Manager of research Affairs


• Development of applied, clinical and basic research proportional to the national research priorities
• Providing appropriate condition to utilize technologies required for research , particularly the new ones
• Comprehensive support of researchers
• Improving efficiency and effectiveness of research
• Attracting and developing resources (human, financial and physical)
• Qualitative and quantitative development and commercialization of research products


• To provide necessary evaluations in order to make decision on research activities
• To conduct necessary studies to evaluate research activities and assess annual research performance of university
• To contact with national and foreign institutions in order to collaborate in research affairs and exchange new scientific findings
• To regulate and revise the strategic documents for research
• To manage research units affiliated to university
• To collaborate with other research institutions in terms of providing scientific, cultural and social services, and holding seminars, scientific conferences and taking the responsibility of all affairs related to research contracts
• To hold short term research courses for other non-university research institutions
• To supervise all research affairs taking place in university, libraries, and university data banks
• To provide sabbatical study leave for faculty members inside the country and overseas
• To provide university research program, clarify objectives and determine research priorities in the form of medium and long term programs to be presented to the university research committee
• To publish and translate articles and books provided by faculty members and supervise activities of research publications affiliated to university
• To supervise activities of research committees in faculties and affiliated centers or institutions
• To guide, coordinate and supervise activities of university students' research committee
• To provide a financial report and estimate annual credit of research affairs to be presented to the Board of Directors
• To supervise all research institutions, dependently or independently affiliated to university
• To supervise all university affiliated centers for clinical development

Manager of research Affairs

Dr. Yousef Mohammadpour