Urmia Reproductive Health Research Center, as the most important center for providing specialized services and research related to reproductive health in West Azerbaijan province, has a duty to maintain and promote the reproductive health of target groups in West Azerbaijan province and meet their unmet needs by combining research, education and presentation. Exalted services as well as communication with scientific centers inside and outside the country to make every effort. This research center pursues the following missions to achieve its goals:

-       Supporting various research projects and developing quantitative and qualitative research in the field of reproductive health

-      Contribute to the production and dissemination of science through the publication of books, articles and scientific journals

-      Providing up-to-date scientific resources and information

-      Empowerment in the field of research by holding courses and workshops

-      Attracting and providing the necessary funds for research projects and other research affairs from domestic and foreign sources

-      Support for student dissertations at different stages

-      Monitoring and evaluation of all research affairs of the research center

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