Five-year strategic plan

Five-year strategic plan of Urmia Reproductive Health Research Center (RHRC) 2021-2025


According to the 20-year visionary document of the country on the horizon of 1410, the role of knowledge and research is to be further supported and to achieve sustainable development, the use of accurate information and valid and comprehensive data from applied research has an important place. Reproductive Health Research Center of Urmia University of Medical Sciences as a small part of the scientific research community in line with the 20-year vision of the country and the goals of the Ministry and the university, its role and duty in providing the necessary and appropriate platform for basic and applied research It plays a role in producing and disseminating health sciences and meeting the health needs of the community. In this series, the strategic plan of this research center has been written until 1404.


 Urmia Reproductive Health Research Center, as the most important center for providing specialized services and research related to reproductive health in West Azerbaijan province, has a duty to maintain and promote the reproductive health of target groups in West Azerbaijan province and meet their unmet needs by combining research, education and presentation. Exalted services as well as communication with scientific centers inside and outside the country to make every effort. This research center pursues the following missions to achieve its Goals:

-       Supporting various research projects and developing quantitative and qualitative research in the field of reproductive health

-      Contribute to the production and dissemination of science through the publication of books, articles and scientific journals

-      Providing up-to-date scientific resources and information

-      Empowerment in the field of research by holding courses and workshops

-      Attracting and providing the necessary funds for research projects and other research affairs from domestic and foreign sources

-      Support for student dissertations at different stages

-      Monitoring and evaluation of all research affairs of the research center



In accordance with the values ​​of the principles governing research centers in medical universities, including this research center, the following are considered as values ​​and principles:

-      The importance and priority of research as the main way to achieve the reproductive health needs of society

-      Observance of reproductive health rights in the community

-      Priority of applied research

-      The need for communication and cooperation within and outside the field in the field of research

-      Using research results in executive and practical fields

-      Comprehensive support for researchers and scholars

-      Adherence to the principles of teamwork

-      Observing ethics in research

General goals

-      Improving the quantitative and qualitative level of the activities of the Reproductive Health Research Center

-      Improving the motivation of researchers in order to increase scientific research activities

-       Expanding cooperation with other centers at the national and international levels to conduct joint research and also effective communication between researchers and each other

Analysis of the current situation

External Analysis: Threats and Opportunities

Internal analysis: strengths and weaknesses within the organization


-      Changing the country's population policies to encourage increased fertility

-      History and continuity of cooperation with international organizations

-      Development of postgraduate education related to the field of reproductive health at the university level

-      Policies to support research at the national level (at least in expression)

-      Priority of maternal and child health at the national and international levels as research target groups of the research center


-      Inadequate support policies of the relevant ministry and university for research centers

-      Lack of allocation of credit to the research activities of the center

-      Changing the country's population policies in limiting family planning programs


-       Enjoying the cooperation of capable and interested researchers with the research center

-      Having the appropriate space and equipment

-      Enjoying international approval for part of the center's activities

Weak points

-      Lack of proper infrastructure in the field of financial resources and manpower

-      Involvement of the majority of the members of the Research Council of the Center in the clinical field

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