Research topics related to infectious diseases:


-      Prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases (including: gonorrhea, syphilis, trichomoniasis, chlamydiasis, pediculosis pubis, lymphogranuloma, venom, inguinal granuloma, etc.)


-      Study of the pattern of increase in HIV and AIDS in high-risk populations


-      Prevalence and effects of coronavirus syndrome in pregnant mothers and fetuses


-      Prevalence of congenital rubella syndrome in those born in the last 5 years


- Research topics related to midwifery:


-      Study of strategies for the development of physiological childbirth


-      Study of various aspects of counseling on issues related to reproductive health, including: puberty, marriage, pregnancy, postpartum, family planning, breastfeeding, infertility, etc.


-      Development of evidence-based studies to improve the quality and quantity of before, during, and after childbirth care, safe motherhood, nutrition, exercise, vaccination, fetal health assessment, screening, addiction, and substance abuse ...


-      Promoting research-based position of midwives in the health care system based on the Health Transformation Plan


-      Study of the underlying factors of tendency to delivery by cesarean section


-      Studies related to lifestyle in different groups of society


-      Evaluation of sexual disorders and various therapeutic and counseling interventions


-      The effect of kangaroo maternal care on maternal and neonatal health


-      Evaluation of nutrition during adolescence, before pregnancy, during pregnancy and evaluation of nutritional interventions


-      Intervention to prevent problems caused by women's cancers


- Research titles related to nutrition:


-      Healthy eating and providing a suitable model at the level of households and schools Frequency of iron deficiency anemia in different age groups causes and associated factors


-      Health status and development of children, adolescents and young people


-      Eating habits of students in the province and providing appropriate solutions


-      Nutrition and iron education to help female students


-      Students' breakfast and snack consumption status and its effect on their obesity


-      Status of school milk program implementation in students


-Research titles related to gynecological diseases:


-      Study of environmental and individual risk factors involved in fertility and infertility in men and women


-      Research on different methods of prenatal screening and attempts to use newer methods with less invasive characteristics


-      Research on pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia, fetal growth restriction, premature amniotic sac rupture, preterm delivery and polyhydramnios


-      Screening, diagnostic, intervention and treatment plans for genital cancers


-      Research on infectious diseases in pregnancy and its effect on pregnant mothers, especially fetuses


-      Studies on congenital defects and ways to detect them early in pregnancy


-      Study of the correlation between viral infections and women-specific cancers


-      Evaluation of hormonal serum levels of some inflammatory mediators in patients with endometriosis


-      Studies on abortion and cesarean section


-      Investigation of the role of genetics and environment in the incidence of trophoblastic diseases


- Research titles related to public health:


-      Status of patient referral system in family physician and rural insurance program


-      Treatment protocols in the field of family physician and comparison with standards


-      Factors affecting the dynamics of family physician program and rural insurance (decline trend, causes of persistence, etc.)


-      Satisfaction of health team members with family physician program and rural insurance


-      Process and results of seasonal monitoring of family physicians' performance


-      The effect of family physician program implementation on health indicators of the province


- Research titles related to reproductive health:


-      Fertility and infertility rates in the province and ways to treat it


-      Evaluate the success and failure of various infertility treatment methods


-      Prevalence of sexual health problem causes and associated factors


-      Sexual health, quality of life, the role of counseling and education before marriage


-      Evaluation of the death causes of women in the childbearing age and death of mothers due to complications of pregnancy and delivery and the factors affecting it


-      Evaluation of fertile health programs (family planning, integrated maternal health care, integrated care of healthy and sick children, maternal mortality care system, death care system for children under five years old)


-      Domestic violence and violence against children (screening, investigation of causes, contexts and intervention programs)


-      Reproductive health cancers in men and women


-      The role of education during marriage on fertility rate and life satisfaction


-      The role of national population policies


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