Students housing

Urmia University of Medical Sciences provides its students with high quality accommodation in recently constructed residence halls. 

Our dormitories are two- or three-bedroom apartments. Most of the rooms are double occupancy and all rooms are furnished with beds, drawers, closets, desk, sofa set, and chairs consistent with the number of students in each room. Each room is equipped with a television set and has internet access via hard-wired data ports as well as wireless systems.

Both dormitories have lobbies equipped with television sets, sofas and armchairs, which turn this space into a common room where students can come together and enjoy their time. Other facilities include prayer rooms in both halls, cyber rooms where you are provided with computers and high-speed internet, personal lockers, and sports rooms which include various exercise and sports equipment.

Our international residence halls provide opportunities for students to become part of a diverse residential learning community that promotes personal growth and development. Living in such an environment is filled with the challenges and excitement of living and learning. The Office of Student and Cultural Affairs is responsible for the social, recreational, and cultural programs for residents, the management of residence halls, and the implementation of residential policies and procedures. Student activities are also planned by this office.

Please note that if you have special requirements such as, but not limited to, special soaps, washing products, personal medical equipment, etc., please think ahead and come prepared. Local shops are within walking distance and students are able to shop for themselves, yet make sure you have all your absolutely crucial belongings for your first week. Keep in mind that most shops in Urmia do not accept foreign currency.

We promise you that your stay in Iran during the course of your studies will be really pleasant.