Document for registration:


§  In order to apply for admission to UMSU, the applicant needs an application folder including:

1.     Application form ×2

2.     High School Diploma/Secondary School Certificate/Higher Secondary School Certificate with its complete transcript of records (Minimum GPA of 3.00/4.00 or equivalent) signed and sealed by the IRI embassy or consulate in the applicant's country (submitting the original confirmed document at the time of registration is necessary).

3.     A copy of all pages of the applicant’s passport ×2.

4.     3 recently taken photographs (3×4 cm)

5.     A medical certificate to prove that the applicant does not have any contagious disease (HIV, HBV and HCV) or any other disease incompatible with the medical profession (confirmed by the IRI embassy or consulate).

6.     A Resume or C.V.

7.      A letter of application or motivation identifying your major and level of interest (*Optional)

After preparing your application folder you have to upload them on The original confirmed document must be delivered at the time of registration to the International Students Admission Committee.

The university will notify the applicant regarding acceptance/rejection of the application three months after receiving all documents.

§  In order to start education in the programs, the proof of Persian language fluency is absolutely necessary.

§  The tuition fee must be paid by the applicant at the time of registration or beginning of the course.